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Do-It-Yourself Moving Tips

Full Service Moving – DIY Moving – Hybrid Moving

There are 3 basic types of residential and commercial moving.  We’ll give you an overview to help you determine what makes most sense for your move and your budget.  Do-It-Yourself and Hybrid Moving have been around for a while but more recently they have become the first choice option for consumers on a tight budget as frequent moves for work and family are increasingly frequent in today’s fast pace world.

Full Service Moving

The average cost for a full service move in the U.S. is $7,500. This is the least labor intensive choice for the consumer.  It’s also the most expensive choice and well out of budget for most people.  You can look at a list of the most recognized moving companies, Mayflower, Bekins, Allied, North American, National, and have them do an onsite estimate for free in most cases.  You have the option of completely hands free moving by letting them do the packing and prepping for you.  It will allow you to maintain your full work and social schedule.  Corporate relocation is often the source of funding for this type of move as a coast to coast operation can be well over $50,000 for a 3 bedroom home with packing and insurance.  Total costs of twice that much are not uncommon. A local move with a full service provider for an average home is of course less money but it can still be quite expensive and out of range for many budgets.

DIY or Do-It-Yourself Moving

This is the lowest cost option for moving.  There aren’t many upsides other than low cost.  It’s just as described.  You’re going to do it all yourself.  You will decide and arrange for a rental moving truck like U-haul or a shipping container like PODS, ABF U-Pack, or PACK-RAT and coordinate the schedule for the move date.  Another responsibility is to obtain boxes and packing materials as well as the packing of smaller items in to boxes and prepping things for the move like furniture dis-assembly and blanket or shrink wrapping.  There are videos and information on our Youtube page and above in this blog. The less you have the easier this type of move is.  For a large apartment or small home it’s a lot of work and a considerable amount of time.  You will most likely need at least one other person to assist with larger heavier items.  You may have to add time for repairing damaged items or painting when you’re done.  A visit to a massage therapist or chiropractor may also be appealing after moving day.

Hybrid Moving

Hybrid Moving is a lower cost option to Full Service moving and has been a growing growing trend for a reason, you can save money! 60% of all moves now are Hybrid or Do-It-Yourselfers. Let the professionals do the heavy lifting, you take care of the small stuff.  The amount of work you choose to do can be adjusted to your desires and budget.  You will hire a “Labor Only” moving service to load, unload, and move large or heavy items.  You can have them do the packing of specialty or fragile items.  You may ask the moving service to assist you to determine if renting and driving a truck or renting a moving container is a better choice for you.  

Seeing a PODS container or a U-haul truck in front of a house is an every day occurrence for most of us in Portland and many cities.  Hybrid Moving is a great way to save money on your next move and it’s easier than you might think.  It’s a common statement in moving reviews for consumers that have used this option and you’ll be saying the same thing when you’re done with your move.  Reach out to a local moving company that specializes in servicing Do-It-Yourself and Hybrid Moving customers with questions and ideas about your next move.  Please feel free to contact Oregon Trail Moving for friendly answers to your question