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Your Do-It-Yourself Move – Making A Plan

DIY & Hybrid Moving Tips

Do-it-yourself moves and Hybrid moving can be easy!  Let us show you how. Follow these simple tips and your Do-It-Yourself moving experience will be a success!

Make a Schedule

Begin the packing process early.  For a full size home you should allow at least 2 weeks to avoid last minute overload.  For a small apartment a week should be enough time.  Start your schedule in reverse order from moving day with realistic goals for each day. Decide how far in advance you can begin packing non – essential items in to boxes. Confirm your reservation with truck rentals a few days before pick up. For  PODS or container moves contact your supplier for delivery time confirmat estimates 48 hours in advance.

Move it, Sell it, Donate it, Toss it!

Your next move is a great opportunity to get rid of things you may no longer need or use.  This will save you money and make your moving experience easier.  A good starting place would be to make 3 areas for your under-used items.  If you have time and space you could select things for garage sale, Ebay, Craigslist, Offer Up, or other marketplaces.  Items selected for donation can go to Goodwill, Salvation Army and many local services even do pick-ups for free.  Last but not least would be the recycle or throw it away option.  Sometimes difficult, often necessary.

Pack and Label

We have some helpful How-To-Videos here on our blog and on our Youtube channel for packing methods that pros use. “If it’s worth moving it’s worth packing the right way”  so take your time and don’t shortcut on the right supplies.  Packing is time consuming and more of it is spent on kitchen items than any other area of your home so start there as soon as your schedule permits.  When you get your supplies make sure you have more boxes and packing supplies than you think you’ll need.  Most truck rental and moving supply centers that sell boxes accept returns for what you don’t use.  Never use bags for moving.  If you have bagged items select an appropriate size box and place it inside.  You can load a truck or moving container more efficiently when items are stackable and safely secured.  Label all boxes on 3 sides for larger moves, Color coded dot stickers to identify rooms or destinations can be helpful and time saving.  That may not seem necessary but you’ll be glad you did when you arrive at your destination.

Moving Helpers

Moving day can be easy if you do your homework. You’re going to need moving help from someone.  If you’re going DIY you might consider loading over a 2 day period schedule permitting.  You may have enlisted some friends for help and breaking this up over a couple days may be easier on everyone.  Hybrid moving from professional Labor Only Movers is affordable within even the most modest budgets.  Many moving labor companies in our area have a 2 hour minimum and under $200 for 2 hours is average.  You can ask the movers to “focus on large or heavy items” and you can take care of smaller boxes and items yourself.  This is a common request.  You also might consider adding an extra hour or so to have the loading process off to a good start and have all the essential heavy items properly secured so finishing the job off on your own goes quick and relatively easy.

Moving Discount Coupons

You can save 10-30% by using direct moving discount offers from U-Haul, PODS, Penske, PACK-RAT, Enterprise, ABF U Pack, and more from our links on this page.   We’re always happy to answer questions so please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. If you’re in Oregon or the Pacific Northwest and you would like to schedule a move you can fill out a request on our site or call (503) 922.2225. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you along your way!